Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello and welcome!

Hi there! My name is Karen. I am an avid book reader, and a part time youth services librarian in Kentucky. I am 27 years old, and will very shortly be a mother of 2 children of my own. My first is a fantabulous 20-month old boy named Malcolm, and the second will make his or her much-anticipated debut shortly! I clearly have terrible timing since I am setting up a blog 3 weeks prior to my due date. 

I have been a fond reader of many book review blogs for a long while now and the itch to create my own was inescapable. While my job and my inclination generally leads me to read YA fiction, I am also a fan of adult fantasy, mystery and romance novels and may mention those on occasion. And of course if a Juvenile fiction or Children's book really strikes my fancy I'll share that as well.

I am eager and frightened to jump with both feet into the wide world of blogging! I am, as you can imagine, rather busy, but have high hopes of regular postings, meaning at least 3 times a week to start. 

Here are a few general guidelines about this blog:

1. All reviews and opinions are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of the library.
2. Books will receive a rating between 0 and 10. A zero will only be granted to books I did not finish.
3. Any books received for free will be specifically mentioned as such.

This list may be altered as my experience grows, and will be reposted if it is changed!

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