Friday, November 19, 2010

So what's up with this chick?

Howdy, Internet Stranger! My, you look lovely today. I am super glad to meet you! My name is Karen, and I am a book lover. I read fast, I read often, I work with books for a living and I am passionate about the wonders of reading. Go books!

So, why do I feel the need to tell the internets what I think? It is a strange compulsion, but I think it is mostly that I can only tell my husband the (totally awesome) plot lines to just so many YA novels before his eyes glaze over. And I need to talk about them. So dear readers, I turn to you.

Well, not that there are any of you yet. I just started this blog today! But one of the wonders of the internet is that someday, there will be a you reading this. Hi, you! Thanks for stopping by!

On the right is a link to my Shelfari bookshelf. It goes back several years, and while I've recently tried to make sure and include ratings, I feel stifled by a 5-star model. All reviews posted here will feature a 10 point rating scale so that I can better differentiate between books that were good-ish, meh, and not too bad.

First review should be up on Monday, and I am already hard at work on my top books of 2010 list!

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