Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peeking Out at the World

Hello! I am not dead yet! The delightful Miss Nora is a week (and a day) old already, and I’m remembering the fact that sitting around the house in pajamas for 6 weeks can actually get old. So I’m trying to shake the dust off my brain and think about things beyond the baby while she sleeps next to me in her bouncy chair, and Malcolm is in his booster seat, coloring. Be patient with me, my brain is definitely rusty.

Note: while in early labor I did finish Keys to the Golden Firebird by Maureen Johnson. Good, but not up to her later works I feel. Do you follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter? She is hilarious.

So - things I hope to finish up before the end of the year:
    - review of Pegasus
    - Top Books of the Year post
    - post about a challenge I’ll be participating in for 2011

Stay tuned! We’ll see if I can manage to be coherent or if I’ll descend (further) into rambling nonsense!

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