Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Talk to me Tuesday #5

This week's question: What is your favourite genre to read, and why?

My favorite genre is definitely fantasy. While I may go back and forth on preferring epic fantasy or urban fantasy depending on my mood, I always love of a touch of magic in my reading.

Growing up, I never read contemporary fiction if I could help it. Mysteries, sure, but a straight story of people just like me... what was the point? My little sister never read fantasy, only contemporary. We've both expanded our horizons since then, but I still love fantasy best of all. I've especially started reading more contemporary fiction since I decided to become a librarian, since it is very popular and I need to be able to recommend. I've fallen in love with plenty of realistic fiction, but my heart is always more open to fantasy novels.

I think it is just because magic and fantasy creatures are awesome. There is so much to work with and I love seeing what each fantasy author comes up with!


  1. I love fantasy, too, Karen! I think that it gives me something to get lost in, and I love that. Great thoughts, and I'm so glad to see you participating again. Thank you!

  2. Fantasy is definitely my favourite genre as well. The range between authors in that genre is simply staggering!

  3. I love all YA. I definitely love magic. I am sure I read every fairy tale in my elementary school library and the pictures in them were so beautiful. I don't see children's fairy tales like that anymore. But I can't narrow it down. Though I used to think I could call the spirits of Native Americans to me when I was little (didn't work) I think Sci-fi and Steampunk are two I haven't tried yet, but I plan to. I do think once you've been bitten by the Magic bug, it always stays near to your heart. Wicked Lovely was one of my favorite novels and so is Darkest Mercy.


  4. I love fantasy, too. And paranormal! I've never been big into contemporary, but trying to branch out.