Saturday, October 27, 2012


I am super excited about Halloween this year. My kiddos are 3 1/2 and almost 2, so that means that they are old enough to know fun times are going down, but young enough that a) they don't demand difficult/expensive costumes and b) they don't notice when 2/3 of their candy disappears. Mmmm, mini-snickers...

And I get to dress up too! Last year I only dressed up for work (Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series), but this year I had a real, live, grown-up party to go to, so I needed a costume that wasn't from a children's book. Pictures are still pending, but my husband and I rocked a cheap and easy Amy and Rory Pond costume, and I karaoked basically all night. Awesome times.

For my work costume this year, and also for the kiddos' trunk or treat at daycare, I'm pulling out a Mary Poppins costume! I'm really thrilled about it as well, it started out as a long black skirt and black blazer, and I think it really came together well. It was clearly fated, because I found an $8 umbrella at Walmart with a bird head handle. CLEARLY. FATED.

I really adore having a job where I can dress up and play. Yet another reason to love being a children's librarian in October! (Another is the ability to wear Halloween socks without judgement.)

Anyone out there with costumes they're excited about? I know a lot of people have adult, boring jobs that don't encourage costumes, but if you have one I'd love to hear about it!

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