Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wandering thoughts...

1. It drives my husband bonkers when people use 4 periods instead of 3 for an ellipse. I almost did, up in my title, but my love for my husband forced me to go back and change it.
2. I've been an inconsistent blogger!
3. I considered just abandoning this poor sad blog, and starting over fresh, but a) quitting is lame and b) a lot of work, so consider this a reboot!
4. I participated in my first 5k last weekend! It was the color run, so not timed, but tons and tons of fun.
5. I started running after my miscarriage in May. My strongest memory of that terrible day is sitting, waiting for my ultrasound (already knowing what it would tell me) and watching the Today Show people do a terrible 'Call Me Maybe' dance on the tv.
6. Last Saturday, as the cheerful groups around me danced and sang as the DJ played 'Call Me Maybe', I teared up just a little.
7. But nobody could stay sad at a Color Run. I shook myself and had a blast, and ran, twirled and bounced through clouds of color dust, emerging a creature you wouldn't quite recognize (mostly due to an accidentally dash of blue right in the face! Glad they tell you to wear sunglasses, and I know it was an accident, Color Run volunteer! No worries!)
8. This rebooted blog will feature personal posts, craft posts, and books about Adult, Teen, Juvenile and Picture books as well as random geekery. Basically, whee!
9. I'm kind of losing steam. But... how can I live with myself if I don't get to 10! Incomplete list, just drifting to a close without a proper conclusion... too sad. I must soldier on!
10. PHEW. Made it. Will edit at home to add a color run pic!

ETA: Here it is!

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