Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Ramblings 11/16

So yes! Moving! I am currently neck deep in panicky thoughts about things like realtors, moving companies, and how to adjust my kids to a 3 hour time difference with a minimum of DOOOOOOM. Not exactly sexy blog fodder, amirite?

To perk things up, I did a google search. The topic? AWESOME THINGS ABOUT PORTLAND! Here is a list to help get me to see beyond the minutiae of the relocating process and into the funtimes that are coming!

  • Japanese Gardens! Portland is known for its awesome parks and gardens. This garden, over 5 acres and very authentic, is tops on my list to visit!
  • Portland Timbers! They have an MLS team! I love soccer, and it sounds like their fans are a lot of fun. We will definitely be checking them out.
  • Powell's City of Books! Because SERIOUSLY!
  • Food carts! A friend of a friend of a friend owns a food cart out there that sells PIE, I can't wait to hit it up! Come on, people. I'm not made of stone.

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