Friday, January 21, 2011

Follow Friday 1/21

This week's question: Who do you cheer for?

I love sports! I grew up in a family of sports fans and still have my brother over to my house most Sundays to watch football together. Sports are awesome. So...

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals (Painful, but true.) As a Bengals fan, I'm obligated to despise the Steelers (eew) so I'm cheering for the Jets to make it to the Super Bowl, where they'll be defeated by the Bears.
NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets
MLB: Cincinnati Reds (but not very closely, baseball is boring unless you're there live.)
NCAA football and basketball: University of Louisville Cardinals! I went to UofL for undergrad, and met my husband there to boot. 2 of my sisters also graduated from UofL (and met their husbands there, it's a good place!) so I have family members to help me gang up against other, lesser siblings who root for the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Ew. Unfortunately, I live in the city where UK is located. Blech.

I'll watch just about any game that comes on, except NBA. Yay, sports!

Well, that was a refreshing change of pace from book-talk. Hopefully there will be a review posted later today!


  1. I'm a new follower from the friday follow!
    I don't really watch sports, haha... : )

  2. Happy Friday, Karen!

    I'm a bit of an un-American when it comes to the sports I like. I'm a hockey and soccer fan (all Phildelphia teams) :)

  3. Who do I cheer for? When I follow sports at all (and that hasn’t been much lately) I follow people and teams who impress and inspire me.

    My answers are all over the map (literally!) but all perfectly understandable once explained. Follow me over to my blog and read all about it -

    Thank God it’s Follow Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  4. Hey! I'm a new follower! I cheer for anyone who isn't wearing black and gold! Check me out at

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  6. Old follower, wanted to say hi! Drop by if you get a chance!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Stopping by on Sat. for Follow Friday. Better late then never.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    I'm a new follower.

    Romance Book Junkies

  8. My best is friend is from Louisville so she's a big Cardinals fan too.

  9. i totally know what you mean about baseball being boring unless its live..... I grew up playing softball but it wasn't until i actually got to go watch a real professional game, that i truly felt a passion towards it :) cute blog you have going on here... i shall follow!


  10. Hi there Karen! Just stopping by to say thanks for stopping by my blog this week. You really are the anomaly when it comes to book bloggers and sports, but it's all good! That's really cool that you enjoy watching just about any of them. I kinda wish my family got together and watched something together every week. But they're out east, so I guess it'd be kind of hard...xD
    Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend!