Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talk to me Tuesday #3

This week's question: Do you have a preference between male and female MCs, and why?

I do find that in general I gravitate towards books with female main characters. It isn't a conscious prejudice against male characters, but I do find it happening. It may be because books that are marketed towards males tend to have covers that are not my style, and I am totally guilty of judging books by their covers. I'll admit it.
That said, I have tried recently to increase my range of book reading so that I can provide better Readers' Advisory at work, and have read some wonderful books with male main characters, such as Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie and others by the same author. 

On the whole, though, I think I have a preference for female main characters because I relate to them better. I have still loved plenty of male main characters, but they have to work harder!


  1. I definitely hear you on this. I wish I could find more male MCs that I could truly relate to - and that read let men, you know?

    Great answer, Karen, and thanks for participating!

  2. Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie has been recommended to me by someone else as well...I think I shall have to check that one out!

  3. It's true, sometimes they do have to work a little harder so I can relate to them, as well. Although, sometimes I relate a little too much and it makes me think that the manly character may be just a little womanly.

    I don't specifically read either, but I read more in the female MC section just because there are more of them. As long as the author writes them well, I'm all for either sex. Just don't make the men to girly, it takes all the fun out for me. *wink*

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