Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hard Times at the Bookshelf

Well, life has given me a bit of a kick to the teeth in the last week. I'm not the negative type, but even I was starting to get fed up. "Worst week EVER!" I kept exclaiming, and it just kept coming. Ear infections, miscarriage, death in the family, credit fraud... I mean, seriously terrible stuff. And it all came to a head when the grocery store wouldn't accept a check because it was the third I'd written in a week (remember the credit fraud? My new card hadn't come in yet.) And I found myself just waiting for the next bad thing. Just anticipating terribleness.

And it felt like crap! I hated it, and I hated that I knew I wasn't any fun to talk to, either. I had become a walking litany of complaints, and everyone knows how fun that is to listen to.

So, I pulled my head out of the funk. I kept telling myself to expect good things again - they could happen just as easily as the bad. And while I can't guarantee that they will, I know that a life spent in happy anticipation is way more fun than a life cringing away from the next pile of suck to hit.

So this is my declaration to the world - things are going to be awesome. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow, and I might have to have a D&C done Friday... but I might not! And, looking on the bright side, I'm one disaster-free day down! Whoo!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your crappy week but you know what?! Things are definitely going to be awesome. Hang in there. You'll see. *high five*