Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is this how it begins?

I've never been a runner. In my youth (ah, youth) I played soccer, where I was forced to run but didn't like it. Once I quit, I was pretty sure those days were over forever.

Today I spent about $100 on sports bras and shorts, and last week I bought a pair of running shoes.

Whaaaa? How?

I'm not even positive about the how. I had a bad couple weeks, and decided that part of getting over it was some exercise, and after a week or so of laborious runs around my neighborhood, I'm buying new clothes and trying to convince my sisters to go on a Color Run with me in July or October.


I've also checked out a book (part of my librarian-ness is my complete addiction to reference materials. All the websites in the world can't make me feel as secure as a reference book on the topic.) which I am enjoying so far.

I promise this blog won't be just about running, but this is the big thing in my world right now. And I like talking about it! (Sorry.)


  1. I too hate running but, soon I will have to strap on my running shoes to start training for the Tough Mudder competition I signed up to participate in at the end of the year. I did it last year and survived so I figured why not go for round two. *sigh* Me and my crazy ideas.

    Anywhoozle, the color run looks like an absolute blast. With the proper bribery I'm sure your sister will be willing to start running with you. =)

    1. One of my sisters is signed up for Tough Mudder, I am NOT that crazy yet! (but go you! Surviving is completely impressive!) I have 5 sisters, I'm envisioning us all going but it is HIGHLY doutful. Ah well - even just a couple would be awesome.

    2. LOL! Thanks. That's a lot of sisters! You never know. Maybe it starts off as just two of you and it ends up being all 5.