Monday, June 18, 2012

Books I Read 6/11-6/18

I was so busy pampering my husband for being such a great father I didn't get a chance to post a weekly round-up yesterday - pampering is hard work! So here are the books I read last week! Pretty light week.

The Storm Makers by Jennifer E. Smith - 7/10

A solid middle grade read, about twins who discover a secret society of people who can control the weather. The villain was not quite as fleshed-out or believable as I would have liked, but if there are future books in the series I expect that will be remedied.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery - 10/10

I'm not entirely sure how I didn't read this as a girl - I mean literally, my older sister Sara was obsessed with the series and had at least 3 copies of this book around the house. And I read everything back then, including my mom's mysteries and my brothers' high fantasy, so you'd think I'd have picked up a copy, but apparently not.

And I wish I had! I absolutely LOVED this book, it gave me that floaty, giddy feeling that only the very best books give you. I literally hugged it when I was finished. *sigh*

The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts - 6/10

Nora Roberts books are like comfort food in book format for me. Nothing surprising or unexpected generally happens, but they are reliably enjoyable. This one was slightly lower than normal, this series has a rather overwhelming focus on architectural and interior design porn, with the actual romance feeling a bit like an afterthought. Ah well. I'll still finish out the series - listened to this one on playaway, great narrator.

Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery - 8/10

Not quite as transcendent as the first, and a little more preachy. Also, Paul Irving occasionally got on my nerves. Still enamored, though, and will definitely continue on with the series. Yes, that was the hideous cover I was reading - I'm never ashamed to rock a J or YA book in public, but I'll admit to being slightly glad I finished this one in the safety of my own home. So cheesy.

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