Monday, June 11, 2012

My personal book kink

I haven't been paying super close attention to the news out of BEA (Book Expo America) this year. I've been working on spreading my focus and enjoying life beyond the books (which is hard for me!) so I merrily skimmed past most of the posts.

But I happened to follow a link to an article by Publisher's Weekly that discussed some of the biggest books that got the BEA buzz, and was immediately giddy about a book - Crewel by Gennifer Albin. The article didn't even give a blurb about the story - just the amazing story of the author having written it while on food stamps, which is all well and good, but from the moment I saw the title I was in a tizzy of anticipation. I didn't even finish reading the article - I was off to amazon to find the summary. Could it be? Was another book that featured my very favorite book feature coming out?

Ooh, yes. The book features a craft - in this case, working the looms of fate, it seems. Just like the knitting and embroidery that drew me to Jessica Day George's work - The Princess of the Midnight Ball and Dragon Slippers, respectively. Even though I was already crafty before I read these books, they always left me inspired anew and eager to find new projects to stretch my skills - and I hope that in teens or adults that read them, they inspire readers to give something new a try.

Crewel embroidery, in particular, is quick to do, has minor and inexpensive equipment available for beginners, and is endlessly flexible. You can create absolutely anything - a traditional pattern on a pillowcase or tea towel, or a quirky saying or design to be displayed.
The sky is the limit!

So next time you come across a craft in a book, give it a try yourself! Creating something with your own hands is one of the best feelings on earth, and challenging yourself to learn new skills keeps you young. Go crafts! ;)

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